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Green energy


BEST Green Energy

We supply a range of top quality products and services from micro generation schemes to large biomass plants. Our aim is to provide the most efficient, reliable and cost effective equipment and service to suit your requirements.

Site surveys and data collection. This is essential to establish the viability of the project. Gathering data on the prevailing conditions allows us to make an informed recommendation of equipment type and size. A site visit will also be required to confirm any infrastructure and access requirements both for initial installation and for future maintenance.

We can provide a business plan to clearly demonstrate the return on investment, taking into account all expected Feed In Tariff payments and income from exported power where applicable. We can also show the expected environmental gains such as the reduced carbon emissions achieved.

Our experienced engineers can carry out a Proof of Concept study to demonstrate the viability and effectiveness of any new renewable and sustainable energy project. Information from this review can be utilised to refine and develop the design and optimise the business model.

Support with funding applications. We can help provide all of the technical information required to support any funding and grant applications.

Support with planning applications. We can supply drawings and technical information as well as assessments on the potential impact to surroundingproperties and residents and suggest methods and procedures of minimising or eliminating these.

Support with environmental licenses. We have experience in providing environmental impact assessment, calculations to demonstrate probable and potential impact, continuous monitoring of dust emissions, noise control and noise attenuation.

Support with Feed In Tariff equipment installation, commissioning and implementation to help our customers gain maximum return from both the generation tariff and the export tariff.

Support with the Renewable Heat Incentive. This scheme will pay for every Kilowatt of heat generated from approved renewable heating systems. This will allow customers to heat their houses in an environmentally friendly manner whilst also receiving an income on the heat generated.

Complete turnkey systems. We can provide the total engineering solution to your renewable energy requirements with all services from conception through to completion.

Operation and site maintenance. Our skilled tradesmen can provide routine maintenance and inspection cover as well as responding rapidly to any breakdown to minimise downtime and interruption.