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Green energy

Supporting Information

BEST Green Energy

We have experience of installing a range of micro generation equipment as well as large scale biomass processing and production equipment.

We provide full support to our customers from the initial enquiry through to final commissioning and continue our support with future routine maintenance and technical support.

We can provide help and guidance with planning and grant applications as well as provide information and support for environmental licenses and ecological issues.

The implementation of the new DECC Feed In Tariff scheme will enable house owners and landowners to generate a regular potential income from the installation of approved small scale and low carbon generation equipment.

The Feed In Tariff is available to all house owners, businesses, farmers and landowners with the actual tariff rate being dependent on the type and size of the system being used. It is essential that the correct type and size of equipment is installed to suit each site location and typical prevailing conditions to maximise the return on investment and reduce the payback period to a minimum.

The Carbon Trust have a very informative website and have a useful small wind turbine power calculator available - Visit website

Further helpful information is also available on the Energy Saving Trust website

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the services or products that we offer and we will be very pleased to help you with further information and details.