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Green energy

best Green Energy

BEST Green Energy

Barnett Engineering Ltd is committed to providing our customers with the most cost effective, efficient and reliable energy saving and power producing equipment and designs available. We aim to achieve these goals by utilising the very best of sustainable and renewable technology.

We aim to provide outstanding customer support and after sales care to give our customers confidence and security in our technology and designs.

Our growing product range covers a broad range renewable and sustainable energy sources to provide heating, cooling, hot water, electricity and also hydrogen for use in fuel cells.

We can help our customers to source funding in order to help reduce the initial capital required.

We have recently completed the Blazers Wood Pelleting Biomass factory at Clifford Jones Timber in Ruthin, North Wales. Our involvement started at the initial proof of concept and culminated in our design, supply and installation of the complete process system.

This factory utilises all of the wood waste from the Clifford Jones Timber wood processing factory. The waste sawdust from the production of fence posts, gates and garden furniture is used to produce wood pellets whilst the peelings are fed into a biomass burner to generate heat for the wood drying process ensuring full usage of all raw materials on site.

We have also been heavily involved in the design and development of LED lighting luminaires. These were designed to provide high quality area, street lighting and warehouse lighting at greatly reduced power consumption and costs compared to traditional lighting.

These and other projects have highlighted our innovative thinking and technical design capability to provide entrepreneurial solutions that save power and reduce our impact on the environment.