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Protective coatings

best Protective Coatings

BEST Protective Coatings

Barnett Engineering Specialist Turnkeys operate in the field of protective coatings, corrosion control and specialises in surface preparation and applications of high integrity coatings, both on Site throughout the UK and in House at our facility in Wrexham.

A full range of blast cleaning, protective coating and lining specifications are offered.

Preparation / Cleaning Services include High Pressure / Ultra High Pressure Washing, Blast Cleaning Systems utilising the whole spectrum of blast media depending on your requirement, to thoroughly clean and prepare all metals, stone, concrete and timber.

Protective Coatings offered include the application of highly sophisticated and complex multi coat hot applied systems, hybridized epoxies, epoxy glass flake lining systems, powder coating systems right down to the very basic single coat alkyd systems.

Our customers have come to rely on a responsive yet competitively priced solution to their needs.

Our services include the undertaking of highly specialised composite repairs, and application of high specification protective coatings combating erosion, corrosion and chemical attack at ambient and high temperatures.

All works are carried out be highly trained personnel, who work safely taking into consideration the relevant climatic conditions, and recording of surface preparation cleanliness and profile, regular wft. readings are taken and non destructive tests are carried out to confirm coating thicknesses and integrity.

Whatever your industry, if you are looking for Quality, Safety and Value for Money alternative, Why not try the Best Alternative?